“When passion and creativity come together can only lead to magnificent works”

Mario Villarroel Sierraalta, Caracas Venezuela 1970, a lawyer by profession, distributes his time between the capital of the Latin American country and Madrid, where he has lived with his wife and three children for more than 10 years.

He combines his work as a lawyer with artistic creativity, giving free rein to his imagination forming creations in which he reflects his joy and passion, mixing noble materials such as wood and iron with explosions of color. He has a deep knowledge of design and machinery, mirrored by the work developed over the past twenty years, creating handmade motorcycles, customized to fulfill the design of his demanding customers. His work has earned him numerous awards in both United States and Europe. Mario’s  enthusiasm for motorcycles, music and art, is all reflected in his work; musical objects that have been left in oblivion, recover their splendor. Paper, iron and what for others are recyclables, unite harmoniously in his work.

The Second Life

Mario Villarroel’s creative proposal in The Second Life, seeks to give a new beginning, to those everyday objects, that lost their value due to their usage. His sculptures and paintings give a new appreciation to abandoned pieces. 

He collects these objects from remote places, searching in antique shops and markets from all around the world. Useless musical instruments are restored and altered delicately in detail. Gears of engines become the soul of the instrument. Thus, recovering a new life to transcend in time.  Like they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 

His paintings are collages, which he decorates with disruptive memes.  A reflection of a critical society. Discharges of color and finished with resin. What Villarroel intends to do with his paintings, is for the viewer to evoke past moments of their life, recreating memories that will make them smile and will last forever.

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